Handpainted bejeweled necklaces in silver or gold. 20 inch chain with a lobster clasp.

Silver 22.00
Ships anywhere in the USA


Gold 22.00
Ships anywhere in the USA

Rainbow Light Up Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Post Earrings, Lighted Solitare Earrings , Glamping Earrings, Vintage Trailer, LED Earrings

LED light up battery operated earrings...HOW FUN!!

Get the party started with these fabulous cubic zirconia earrings which have sapphire led lights in attractive crown -shaped settings. that's right - you really will be lighting up the night in these eye-catching led studs! you can even turn the led's off (by pulling out the post slightly) so if you're suddenly feeling a little more shy and retiring it won't be a problem.

How fun would it be to have light up earrings for your next party, camping, glamping, festivals and clubbing. These look like regular rhinestone earrings until you push the post onto the back an they light up! You can also change the batteries when they wear out.

When you want to turn them on, gently put them in by twisting them together UNTIL they turn on (that's as far as you want them to go!!!) and when you want to turn them off, twist them back out until they turn off (this is for when you are wearing them)

Color: Rainbow

$12.00 ships anywhere
$12.00 ships anywhere
Zircon Size:app 7mm
Total Length:app 2cm

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